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Welcome to my official website for Friends of Michelle Shay, Republican candidate for City of Frederick Alderman! I love the city of Frederick and am happy to call it my home.



I was born in Pennsylvania. My mother was a single mother and a legal immigrant, though she was completely illiterate.Coming from meager beginnings, I realized as a child I wanted better for my future.I started working in middle school. I later put myself through college and then graduate school working multiple jobs while attending school. I have earned two Master’s Degrees and am working toward finishing up my PhD. I have had the privilege of working in many states, and even overseas during my career. I’ve worked with many different clientele in many different environments including in hospitals, schools, military bases, private practice, community-based programs, jail, and many others. I have learned what works in providing resources, while also learning about business practices. I have significant management experience in program planning and oversight, community issues, fiscal management, project management and accountability. 
I believe I would bring solid experience and insight to the role of Alderman.

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Frederick’s Future

As in any city, Frederick has its challenges. Learn about what I support below.


Let’s work to keep the high quality of life in Frederick City and Frederick County.

What do I support?

* Lower Taxes - real estate taxes, especially for us who live within the city limits, are excessive, and I would work to decrease these.

* Public Safety - there are growing safety issues in Frederick. Challenging issues need real problem-solving. I will work to maintain safety, support law enforcement and local corrections to ensure crime is managed and addressed so that Frederick can be enjoyed by its residents and visitors.

* Responsible growth and development- I support business and prosperity for the city of Frederick. We all can benefit from growth and development, but it must be done in a thoughtful, informed manner. We have to consider the current infrastructure we have and how growth will impact it. Traffic patterns, overpopulated new residential developments and increased opportunities for crime can quickly impact the quality of life within a city. Creating a strong economic tax base for Frederick is important, though good governance decisions will be as important. 

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Thank you for your interest in learning about my campaign for city Alderman. If you have a question, concern, or would simply like to get in touch, please see the information below. Visit my Facebook page, Friends of Michelle Shay, for regular updates.I hope I can count on your support! 

Frederick, MD, USA

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